Let us keep secrets out of your code while you build the next big thing.

We help secure forward-thinking development, operations, and security teams by finding secrets across their code before it leads to a security breach.

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Thousands of secrets are accidentally leaked across GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket every single day — are you in the mix?

Fraudsters use these secrets to infiltrate networks and access sensitive data. But don't just take our word for it. Below is a real-time stream of secret types we're finding across public repositories 😳
(Don't worry, we notify the developers first!)

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Code is more connected than ever — to your
payment gateway

We monitor code repositories to keep your secrets, tokens, credentials, and private keys safe and secure.

We're all human and shhgit happens. But with the right knowledge and tools, you can do your part to make your code safer while keeping essential information protected and mitigating the impact of a leak.

For Developers

Security doesn't need to be difficult. Shift left and automate your secret scanning.

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For Managers

Gain visibility of your software development lifecycle without changing your current workflow.

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For Security Teams

Simplify your security processes and reduce vulnerabilities by fixing your code before it becomes a security issue.

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Everything you need to protect your secrets

Over 250+ secret types

We scan for the most commonly found API keys, usernames and passwords, private keys, certificates, OAuth and JWT tokens, and database connection strings.

Wherever, however

It doesn't matter where or how your code is stored; publicly on GitHub or on your private Bitbucket server — we will scan it.

Smart secret detection

False positives are exhausting. Adjust your alert thresholds with our confidence ratings. And wherever possible, we verify that secrets are valid and live.

Understand the real impact

Intelligent insights to understand the real impact of a leak. We map out what data a fraudster could have accessed using the leaked secrets.

Go back in time

Start with a known good state by purging deleted secrets from your repositories commit history.

Integration out of the box

Plug us in to your CI/CD pipelines, alerting tools, and security monitoring software.

Threat intelligence feeds

We monitor all publicly committed code across GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket in real-time, with historic data stretching back to 2015.

Risk-based remediation

Not all secrets were created equally. Set automatic remediation actions per secret type based on the alerts confidence score and risk rating.

Seasoned expert support

Securing your secrets isn't just a technology problem. Our seasoned cyber security experts can advise on supporting processes, training requirements and general strategy for improving your DevSecOps.

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Hackers aren’t breaking into secured systems; they’re logging in


Last year 50% of all breaches were traced to misuse of credentials, which frequently are found in code.

SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey

The use of stolen credentials is still the leading cause of data breaches

Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

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